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A Year to Remember

2023 was a pivotal year for The Bail Project. As we celebrate our sixth anniversary, we’re thrilled to share our journey with you through our Annual Report.

This report is more than a summary of our year – it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of a pretrial justice system where freedom is not dictated by financial status. Our theme of transformation, freedom, and bold steps forward is reflected throughout.

This year’s report is a celebration of our hard-won victories and the resilience demonstrated by those we serve. It illustrates our ongoing efforts to dismantle the inequities of the cash bail system, which disproportionately affects those unable to pay, undermining the principle that justice should be accessible to all, regardless of financial means.

Our Impact by the Numbers

In the six years since our inception, we’ve provided free bail assistance and supportive services to over 30,000 people, enabling them to attend an impressive total of 111,284 court dates. In just the past year, our advocacy work has contributed to significant legislative changes, highlighting our commitment to systemic reform. Our social media outreach and press coverage have amplified our mission, reaching millions and educating the public about the injustices of the cash bail system. Behind every impact number is an individual, a family, a story of hope and compassion, underscoring the deeply personal impact of our work.

A New Chapter in Leadership

2023 was also a year of significant change in leadership. Robin Steinberg, our visionary founder, passed the baton to David Gaspar as our new CEO. David’s journey from experiencing the system firsthand to leading our organization is nothing short of inspiring. David’s experience and vision perfectly align with our mission’s heart – to bring about meaningful and long-lasting change in the pretrial justice system.

Advocating for Systemic Change

We’re not just about providing immediate help, we’re also pushing for long-term change. Our report dives into the progress we’ve made in challenging the cash bail system and advocating for policies that promote equality and justice. 2023 marked a year of significant policy victories, notably in Illinois with the implementation of the Pretrial Fairness Act. This groundbreaking legislation has set a precedent for bail reform nationwide. 

Transformative Client Experiences

At the core of The Bail Project’s mission are the powerful stories of our clients. These narratives, featured prominently in our 2023 Annual Report, are not just accounts of individual journeys, but the very heartbeat of our mission. It is an honor and a responsibility to provide a platform for our clients to share their unique experiences. These personal accounts serve as a catalyst for change, highlighting the real-life impact of cash bail and the pretrial justice system on individuals and their families, and inspiring action towards a more equitable system.

Gratitude to Our Supporters

None of this would have been possible without our incredible supporters. From individual Freedom Funders who sustain our work to partnerships that amplify our impact, every contribution has fueled our mission. This year, we’ve seen an inspiring outpouring of support. Our report highlights the amazing community standing with us, united in the belief that justice should be accessible to all.

Join Us on This Journey

Reading our 2023 Annual Report, we hope you feel proud of the incredible progress we’ve accomplished together. We hope you’ll feel the pulse of our work – the effort, the successes, and the challenges. We invite you to join us as we continue to fight for a system where freedom isn’t tied to financial status. Your support is crucial in this fight for justice.

As we step forward into the new year, we stand more committed than ever to our mission of taking money out of justice, as an essential step towards a system that embodies fairness, equity, and humanity for all. Together, we embark on this next chapter, ready to make an even greater impact in the pursuit of a more just and compassionate world.

Thank you for engaging with our content. People like you make a better world possible – a world where justice is not determined by someone’s wealth. The Bail Project is not only an immediate lifeline for people held on unaffordable cash bail, but a growing megaphone for public education and social change. If you have the means and found value in our content, please consider becoming a donor today.

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Director of Creative and Marketing

Shannon Soper

As the Director of Creative and Marketing, Soper oversees all aspects of The Bail Project’s marketing strategy and content development and is responsible for accelerating systems change through brand recognition and public education nationwide. Since joining the organization in 2018, she has driven web, video, and social media innovation, cultivating an in-house creative team and establishing the Creative and Marketing Department. Soper has over a decade of leadership in nonprofit strategic communications, having served as Communications Director at Dignity and Power Now and as College Campaigns Strategist for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). A champion for expanding access to digital assets for activists and movements, Soper founded her own company in 2016 to provide subsidized web development and creative multimedia to disadvantaged organizations. She began her advocacy career leading teams on the ground, furthering public awareness on large scale concert tours and creating institutional change at over 100 colleges and universities nationwide. Her public speaking, writing, photography, video, and web features have been featured by a wide range of outlets, including USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, and NPR.